Island Fixer Production
What we do

What we do

From research for planning to coordination of filming and finding footage.

We conduct research at the planning stage, find the necessary interviewees and obtain the necessary permissions when the decision is made to film, coordinate the day of filming, and gather the necessary materials for the broadcast, We also coordinate the day of filming and gather all the necessary materials for the broadcast. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the Caribbean.

Preliminary research & location scouting

We will assist you in gathering information when planning, researching the feasibility of filming, finding interviewees, proposing the best filming locations for your project, and conducting location scouting and submitting preliminary footage and photos so that you can get the best possible image before you leave or before filming.

Local crew arrangements and on-site filming

If necessary, we arrange for drone operators, equipment rentals, and local crews and camera assistants. Recently, we have also increased our remote filming services with a local videographers and technical team, and can shoot additional material when it is not possible to visit the site.

Application for filming & entry permission, and customs clearance on behalf of the your team

We apply for entry permits, customs clearance, and local filming applications on your behalf before the necessary travel for filming. Please contact us in advance as situations vary from country to country where customs duties are levied on equipment and brokers are required, and from country to country where customs duties are waived upon application to the government.

Booking Interviewers and Experts

We make a list of people who wish to be interviewed and those who are suitable for the shooting, and then make interviews and appointments with them. When specialists are needed in special fields such as wildlife or music, we can arrange for them to accompany the photographer to the location or to conduct research in the field.

Arrangement of bus and lodging

We arrange buses and accommodations suitable for the number of crew members, amount of equipment, and shooting location. Since few countries in the Caribbean islands have location vehicles, we customize the interior of a bus by removing the chairs to make it easier to film, depending on the amount of equipment and the nature of the shoot.

Accompanying crews, interpretation

From the arrival of the film crew to the day of filming and departure, the coordinator attends to the film crew to ensure a safe and smooth process. The coordinator also manages staffing, including security and assistants as needed depending on the location and content of the shoot.

Rental footage and photo arrangements

If you need footage or photographs taken by a third party in the past, we arrange for ordering and rental contracts from government tourism offices, national archives, local TV stations, or production companies. We obtain sample footage first, and send you this data only after you have decided to use it.